Amazon Smart Thermostat Vs. Wyze Thermostat: Which budget model is best?

Cupertino, December 7, 2021

Amazon Smart Thermostat and Wyze Thermostat are the two most affordable the connected thermostats I tested. Both models can be controlled with an app or voice commands, and both cost less than $ 100. So which one is best for you? Below is a side-by-side comparison, so you can see the main differences between them and determine which smart thermostat to choose.

Chris Monroe / CNET

The Amazon smart thermostat costs just $ 60. For your money, you get a thermostat, hardware and mounting tools, and an optional wall plate to cover old paint and holes.

If the current wiring of the thermostat does not include a C-wire, you will need the C-wire adapter from Amazon. Unlike most thermostat companies, Amazon does not include a C-wire adapter by default. You can either buy it with the thermostat for $ 75, or buy a separate one for $ 30. Like all C-wire adapters, it takes some extra electrical work to install one, but Amazon details the steps in the Alexa app.

The Amazon smart thermostat has a minimal design, with an easy-to-use touch screen and is easy to install and configure using the Alexa app. It also works perfectly with Alexa voice commands, but is not compatible with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit.

Thanks to its excellent price (especially if you don't need the C-wire adapter), solid design, and easy integration with Alexa and Alexa voice commands, this model has won an Editors' Choice Award. However, there are a few things that make the Wyze thermostat stand out, so let's see what it has to offer in comparison.

Read my review of Amazon Smart Thermostat for more details.

Chris Monroe / CNET

The Wyze thermostat costs $ 71. In addition to the thermostat, your purchase includes hardware and mounting tools and an optional wall board and a C-wire adapter. The Wyze application has a detailed tutorial for installing and configuring the Wyze thermostat. The application is also easy to use to adjust the thermostat temperature, create programs and view the current settings after the initial configuration.

Works with Alexa voice commands and Google Assistant, if you have a smart speaker or a compatible display.

Unfortunately, the thermostat dial felt cheap and was difficult to use to adjust the temperature. You also need either a C-cable or you need to install the included C-wire adapter. Wyze details how to install the C-wire adapter if you need one, but it will require some extra electrical work. The Wyze Thermostat isn't compatible with the Apple HomeKit either, so you can't use the Home or Siri app with this thermostat.

Due to the unpleasant control dial and the higher price compared to the Amazon thermostat (if you don't need the Amazon C-wire adapter), the Amazon model exceeds the Wyze thermostat. However, if you intend to control your thermostat only with the application or voice commands, the cheap dial will not be such a big deal.

See my Wyze Thermostat review for more information.

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