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Cupertino, March 12, 2020
  • At this point, Apple is still about to release the first beta of its iOS 14 software update in June, so you shouldn't be concerned about the possibility of WWDC 2020 being canceled as a result of the continued spread of the new coronavirus.
  • As a result, leaks have begun to accumulate, providing major disclosures of new features found by analyzing an early internal development of iOS 14. 9to5Mac The blog has published several reports highlighting some of what we can expect with this new generation software from the iPhone manufacturer, and these reports have revealed everything from a new Apple Pencil application to the ability to add a monitor to your iPhone. Blood Oxygen on the Apple Watch, a new Fitness app, many new messaging features such as possibly retractable messages and more.
  • In this post, we'll take a look at several HomeKit enhancements, which are supposed to come with iOS 14 this fall.
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Whether or not Apple ends up canceling WWDC 2020 due to the continued spread of coronavirus, the release of the first iOS 14 beta this summer seems to be still ahead of a broad release in the fall. The fate of the annual Apple developers conference, despite the fact that the anticipation for the next update of Apple's mobile software comes during what is already shaping up to be a massive year for the iPhone maker, with new products underway , including an affordable, new iPhone 9. IPad Pro models, a new Apple TV and more.

The release of next-generation mobile software is just as noteworthy as all of the hardware products Apple has taken to launch in the coming months, and you can check out our previous report here which details some key features revealed in the latest iOS 14 leak. At the same time, even more new features have been unveiled regarding Apple's smart homeKit framework, based on an early analysis of the new operating system, due to reports from 9to5Mac.

At least three new HomeKit features have been discovered and include a new automatic temperature adjustment during the day. Warmer colors, for example, would be more widespread at night, while cooler daytime temperatures complement the outside natural light. Such as the automatic setting I activated for Mac and iPhone, adjusting the light intensity once it reaches 10 p.m. and I want some kind of "cooler" lighting on the screens. On 9to5However, as part of the new HomeKit lighting function, it is expected that users will be able to gradually change the light instead of a more instantaneous leak.

At the same time, iOS 14 offers new features of the HomeKit camera, which include notifications when the camera detects the presence of a family member. This is based on the HomeKit Secure Video support introduced with iOS 13, which has added several object recognition categories.

A final update worth mentioning, though it comes via tvOS 14, involves Apple TV audio. It looks like an option will be included that allows you to permanently select an associated HomePod stereo as the output, instead of doing it manually each time. As 9to5 note, this would be a great feature to include, especially since Apple TVs even now sometimes give up their connection to HomePods when those speakers are used for other purposes.

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