Any advice on figuring out which sensor tripped the alarm (or a way to view logs)?

Cupertino, July 27, 2023

Hi all,

So, I have a [security system setup through homebridge]( Every night, when the system is armed, there are a number of sensors that could trigger this (all natively setup through HomeKit):

* Living room has:
* 1 aqara door sensor on the interior door
* 1 eve door sensor on the patio doors
* 1 aqara motion sensor
* Back room/kitchen has:
* 1 aqara door sensor on the interior door
* 1 eve door sensor on the patio doors
* 1 aqara motion sensor
* Front door has an eve door sensor
* Garage door has an aqara motion sensor

This works quite well as a system that I've tested a few times. When the system triggers, all lights come on full brightness in every room as well as garden and garage and our Sonos system plays an alarm sound on full volume from every room using the [http api]( Because the speakers in the garage would play too, this would alert our neighbours if we were ever away.

Last night, the system went off at 3am, I jumped out of bed and checked all my cameras. Once I was fairly confident no one was downstairs, I went down and checked every room myself (with my trusty baseball bat). I tried to look for any signs of what could have triggered it. Nothing had fallen off any walls, no doors were open, nothing. I checked the logs on the Aqara app, and nothing was showing any activity for the motion or door sensors. I couldn't find a way to find logs for the Eve door sensors though.

When the system triggers, HomeKit only mentions it's triggered, it doesn't give any indication of what sensor has tripped the system. In cases like last night, it'd be really handy to know exactly which room there may be an intruder or even just a false alarm detected. The logs in Homebridge for the security system also didn't give any extra information, just that the system had triggered.

My question is, does anyone know of a better way to see logs of any sensors detecting anything? Anything in homebridge people are aware of? Any apps?

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