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Apple event March, iPads 2021, iMac Pro interrupted on the AppleInsider podcast

Apple event March, iPads 2021, iMac Pro interrupted on the AppleInsider podcast

In this week’s AppleInsider podcast, your hosts discuss that there is a more likely Apple event on March 23, talk about possible new iPads and “AirPods 3” soon. and other.

Several sources claim that Apple will organize an event on March 23. The products that will be announced will include the long-awaited “AirTags”, the new iPad models and, on the outside, maybe a new iMac. The additional leaks of the future “AirPods 3” also seem like a likely announcement at this event.

Also this week, Apple discontinued the iMac Pro – and the base model remains for sale on Apple’s website “until stocks run out.” This one-generation product has been a stop-gap, as Apple has been working on the latest Mac Pro and will be replaced by Apple Silicon iMacs.

Ming-Chi analyst Kuo predicted that Apple will use a total of 15 cameras in future AR headphones that are rumored to be launched in 2022. Kuo also claims that the 2022 iPhone will use a “unibody camera lens. ”Which integrates the camera’s voice coil motor with its lens matrix.

Several creative applications have recently been updated to run natively on Apple Silicon, including DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop and 1Password. However, professionals considering upgrading to M1 compatible software should take note of the many features that are missing from this new version of Photoshop compared to the Intel-optimized alternative.

An AppleCare internal email explains that Apple will switch to random serial numbers in “early 2021.” This change would hide certain information from the appearance of the serial number, including the week and year of production and the place of manufacture.

We share several tips for the iPhone at the end of the show, including how to access the keyboard with one hand, create shortcut text extensions, and highlight a new shortcut library built by Matthew Cassinelli, who originally worked on the Workflow team.

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