Apple launches the sixth beta version of tvOS 14.5 for developers

Cupertino, March 31, 2021

Apple today released the sixth beta version of the upcoming tvOS 14.5 developer update for testing, with the new beta software set to appear a week after Apple released the fifth tvOS 14.5 beta.

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Designed for the fourth and fifth generation Apple TV, tvOS 14.5 beta developer can be downloaded to "Apple TV" through a profile installed using Xcode.

tvOS 14.5 provides support for the latest PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers, which can be used to play games from the AppOS and Apple Arcade tvOS.

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Support for the new controllers has also been included in iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, so the latest game controller options from Sony and Microsoft are now compatible with Apple's product line.

In tvOS 14.5, Apple removes the words "Siri Remote" and replaces them with "Apple TV Remote" in the operating system. This might just be a general cleanup of the language, as it no longer needs to be called Siri Remote, but it also suggests that the next generation of Apple TV remote control will not be called Siri Remote and will have a simpler name. .

The update renames the "Main Button" in the "Remote Control and Devices" section to the "TV Button", but the functionality is eventually the same and can be set to go to the Apple TV app or home screen.

Other new features include 29.97Hz and 59.94Hz frame rate options instead of 30Hz / 60Hz, an optional "Type to Siri" accessibility feature that can be turned on, which reflects the Type to Siri feature on iOS devices, a new option for choosing "Other wireless speakers" as the default audio output and changes to the Podcasts application to align it with the changes introduced in iOS 14.5.

The launch of tvOS will cause Apple to start enforcing its new application transparency rules, and developers are now required to request and receive permission from a user to access their random ad identifier (known as IDFA) to track activity. users in advertising applications and websites. customization purposes.

In the future, when an app wants to access a person's ad ID on tvOS, users will receive a request with options to "Allow Watching" or "Ask the app not to watch." Selecting "Require application not to track" will prevent the application developer from accessing the user IDFA, and developers will also need to respect the user's tracking preferences and refrain from using other invasive cross-application tracking methods.

The main tvOS 14 update released in September brought extensive Picture in Picture support, a new HomeKit integration with HomeKit Secure camcorders, support for multiple Apple Arcade profiles, and more, with details available in our tvOS 14 summary.

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