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Apple needs to get to work …

Apple needs to get to work …

“Hey Siri, play music in the living room”

“I’m on it …” – Siri

15 seconds later he starts playing an album from my punk days that I haven’t listened to in 18 years!

1. 15 seconds? To play music downloaded to my iPhone via streaming on the JBL 9.1 HomeKit enabled soundbar?

Okay, you might say, “You’re talking to a pocket computer … sending music through the air to a soundbar that offers 9.1 Dolby Atmos …. Don’t be ungrateful and love technology.”

And to that, I say “Fuck you” lol.

We’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars over the past two years and completed complete purchasing paths based on HOMEKIT and Apple’s commitment to consumer privacy. I bought and returned so many miserable items from the HomeKit ecosystem, carefully making my home (and my client’s homes) to be a perfect multi-device experience.

I pay for Apple Music. I pay the premium for Apple devices and hubs in every corner. Why … why can’t a $ 1,300 iPhone take over a voice command and play music faster than 15 seconds on a streaming device?

It’s embarrassing as someone who sings about smart homes to his clients and family. Comfort is the only thing that sells HomeKit, and Apple is not doing a good enough job.

2. Why, in IAD, Siri would choose an album (Close your mouth and open your eyes – AFI) that I haven’t listened to in 18 years? Although, I stopped and listened to the bass line, this could not be further from my musical taste in 2020, 99.5% of the time.

TLDR: Apple needs to shut down and make these basic experiences faster and less prone to errors, or they should just give up their dreams at home.

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