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Apple TV 4K 32GB drops to $ 159 at Adorama

Apple TV 4K 32GB drops to $ 159 at Adorama

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Apple TV 4K in 2021 has seen major improvements over the previous model, especially with improved performance and Siri remote control. However, it is still quite expensive for a set-top streaming device with a starting price of $ 179. If you waited for a sale to pick one up, you can now save $ 20 on the 32GB model and buy one for just $ 159 at Adorama – one of the best prices I’ve seen.

Buy Apple TV 4K 32GB at Adorama – 159 USD

With a review score of 90, the Apple TV 4K of 2021 is among the best high-end streaming boxes available, especially for Apple users. The A12 Bionic processor delivers zippy performance and supports Dolby Vision at 60 fps and Dolby Atmos sound, along with AirPlay 3 and screen mirroring. It also supports HomeKit, allowing you to ask Siri to show you video streams, control smart lights, locks, and more.

However, the key difference with the latest model is the redesigned Siri remote control. It is not only bigger and easier to use, but also touch sensitive, so you can slide between options easier. Best of all, Apple’s sometimes offended Siri voice assistant works well with Apple TV, easily managing commands like “Play Ted Lasso” or “Show me some new comedy movies.”

The main disadvantage, as I mentioned, is the price. Roku’s Ultra costs only $ 100 (and often less on sale), while the Google Chromecast with Google TV, which eventually comes with a remote control, is $ 50. However, the Apple TV 4K is loaded with beautiful features, especially for people in the Apple ecosystem, and today’s sale makes it much more affordable.