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Apple TV 4K thread preview, HomeRun 2 preview on HomeKit Insider

Apple TV 4K thread preview, HomeRun 2 preview on HomeKit Insider

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This week, on the HomeKit Insider podcast, it’s time to see how Apple TV 4K rates and its new Siri Remote are in real testing, plus Eero has a HomeKit update and HomeRun 2 will be coming soon.

There have been many opinions about the new Apple TV 4K, probably not nearly as many as for the new Siri Remote. Now that it’s been released, your hosts are reviewing Our hosts are talking about the latest 2021 Apple TV 4K and especially its new Thread support. This standard is becoming more and more important for smart homes and makes it more tempting than ever to set up Apple TV as a HomeKit hub.

Also this week, Amazon-owned Eero added HomeKit support to its line of Wi-Fi 6 routers, including Eero 6 Pro, Eero 6 and Eero 6 Extender. And Aqara has launched an additional smart technology for the house, including a control panel built into the wall.

Meanwhile, reports say Meross is preparing a new air purifier that will work with HomeKit. This would make the fourth such product appear on the market. Molekule, Smart Mi and VOCOlinc have also launched HomeKit air purifiers, but it is a category of products that are otherwise shallow, and yet so useful.

Then, it was confirmed that on June 2, Aaron Pearce will launch HomeRun 2 with some new changes to this popular HomeKit control application. Andrew takes an early look and reports on the great new features. These include a new interface for scheduling complications on the Apple Watch and various new widgets for the home screen.

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