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AppleTVs cannot be added as HomeKit hubs

AppleTVs cannot be added as HomeKit hubs

I posted about this in the AppleTV forum, but I wonder if others are facing this issue. A few weeks ago, immediately after switching to iOS14, my ATV4K suddenly detached from HomeKit. Although it appeared as a hub, I realized that it wasn’t really connected because all my BTE devices on one side of the house stopped responding. I disconnected and logged in again, and finally reset and somehow managed to connect it. Fast forward two weeks and it happened again, except this time I can’t be added back no matter what I try. I even bought a new ATV4K to see if it was a hardware failure, but no dice – the same thing happens. So I have a HomePod that I set up using a different account, so I can only use it as a speaker, and I decided to reset it to see if I could add * it * as a hub, but HomePod shows ” configuration ”and never completes the configuration and is never displayed as a hub.

After a few hours on the phone with Apple support, they blame my network, which worked FINE before iOS14 and I did not make any changes.

Fortunately, my iPad is still connected as a hub. Things don’t work so well, but they work.

Is there anyone else facing this?