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Aqara added, random accessories that do not respond

Aqara added, random accessories that do not respond

We recently added an Aqara hub and 11 accessories, mainly door sensors, using HomeKit mode.

Everything worked fine for a few days, then I started to notice that when I opened the Home app, it would have displayed the Aqara accessories as unanswered for a few seconds.

Then over the weekend, the entire hub and all accessories appeared unanswered and unresponsive, not even after you unplugged the Aqara hub and plugged it in again.

I noticed in the Home application that it actually acts as if I could add the hub to the HomeKit, but obviously it had already been added.

I ended up having to take the hub out of the house, reset the button while holding down the button for a while, and then add it again.

Things have worked well since then, but tonight I closed a door that had the notifications set, but I didn’t receive the notification until 20 minutes after the door closed.

I’m trying to figure out the problem. My house was absolutely solid before the introduction of these Aqara devices, so I’m tempted to blame them. I checked that everything is running the latest firmware.

I have 4 Eero professionals in my house. I guess it’s possible to update recently and turn that into something.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the next steps for troubleshooting?