Aqara G2H first impressions

Cupertino, September 15, 2020

Hello everyone! I got my G2H by email [finally] and set it up. Some thoughts:

* The setup process was trivial: set the phone to 2.4 ghz, connect to the camera network, switch to the Home app, scan the code, look at the self-image in the home app. There may have been someone who said something to me in Chinese at some point, but that's practical. I did not install Aqara all (until later)
* The quality is pretty good. FOV is very good and the quality of night vision is excellent.
* It takes a second to switch from an image to "live" in the home application on wifi. Looks like it's less delayed. It does not take more than 3 seconds on the mobile phone to be broadcast live.
* Comes with firmware v2.0.3. With this, the motion detector did not work (even though it appeared in HK). I downloaded the Aqara app, and the update in the middle of the firmware I received a motion notification. At v2.0.8 (current) it works very well
* An interesting thing is that the motion detection sensor resets in 5 seconds. I have an Eve and 2 Onvis sensor and none of them are so receptive. It also seems to continuously detect movement, which is interesting. I didn't test it extensively, but it was aimed at a TV, and the motion sensor didn't seem to reset until I turned off the TV.
* I never made an Aqara account and neither[purposely] connected to any "server"
* I did not have the opportunity to test HKSV. Unfortunately, I don't have the proper iCloud plan. Strangely, my girlfriend has such a plan, but it seems I can't - or didn't realize how - give her permission to change the setting to record. He is not the "owner" of the house, but he has all the permissions imaginable. It seems that only one person can change the camera settings (?). Sounds weird, but good.
* Honestly, I have no idea what "advanced" features are available through HK (detection of people, areas, etc.). None of this is obvious from the Home app, so I guess either it doesn't exist or it's iOS14 stuff. As I mentioned, I didn't create an account or log in anywhere, so I didn't see what was possible from the Aqara app.
* I have a vibration sensor on the road, so I will test the Aqara "pairing" soon; I hope I can do this in HomeKit mode without connecting to anything

Overall I'm pretty happy. All these discussions about Aqara "servers" etc. they're pretty confusing, but it basically seems like if you don't want to deal with these things, you can buy them, update the firmware, delete the Aqara app, and get away with it.

I still want to see how the rest of the Aqara ecosystem works, but if I can pair these modes exclusively HK, I think this is a winner (modulo lead time ~ 25 days from China).

Anyway, between the new Eve cam, the new Onvis cam, [new] The Logitech camera, the best Eufy cams and everything else is there, is a crowded field. But it seems that G2H is a solid option (especially for all those who complain about the weak Eufy support).

I think most things have already been covered more extensively in other reviews / posts, but if anyone has any questions, I'm happy to try and answer.

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