Automation doesn't work ...

Cupertino, January 16, 2022

It is not uncommon for non-responsive devices to appear in my home. After a few years of repairs, attempts by new suppliers - I came to the conclusion that it has something to do with my Unifi network and I learned to live with it. I also have "off / on" phantom cycles that happen with various wall outlets - again, I've learned to live with it. But in recent days, a whole new problem has arisen - my automation is no longer working. Example - 6 am, I have some dimly lit Hue lights. Daily. This has never failed for years, until three days ago. I'm not coming anymore. At 8:30 a lamp lights up in my office. Until 3 days ago. 1 am, "everything is off" is scheduled and no longer running. It's not just Hue (though that's most of my automation programming), and it all works when run manually or by voice command. Any idea? I'm confused. This is new to me.

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