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Automation issue on os14 beta

Automation issue on os14 beta

Now it’s beta and I made the leap voluntarily, so I was expecting trouble hah. We’ll get something like this out. I’ve updated my Apple TV and iOS devices. They’re not my HomePods yet.

I have about 15 motion sensors throughout the house (shade), which are connected by a simple automation to activate.

Motion detected> turns on the lights.

But complex shortcuts to stop.

Repeat 60

Wait 1s

Check if the movement has been detected

If yes> reset the timer

Otherwise turn off the light.

Something like that.

I noticed that almost all automation using shortcuts stopped working. So I thought I’d check to see if anyone sees similar issues here?

Running the shortcut manually via the playback button in the automation works as intended for Fwiw.

I think Apple TV is currently the active hub, but I’ll have to check how it works as I forgot