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Automation options with the HomeKit package

Automation options with the HomeKit package

I just bought a house and I’m trying to get an idea of ​​what the best automations are for the devices I have. I try to go a little beyond just turning on the light when I get home, also open to suggestions on which devices would be best to add to the setup.

Sylvania smart light x8
Vocolinc smart plug x4
Vocolinc x2 contact sensor
Ecobee smart thermostat (with additional sensor)
Yale secures lock
Eufy smart sound (HomeKit is not compatible at the moment, but I keep my fingers crossed)

All this will be associated with an Apple router and 2 HomePods (considering the addition of an AppleTV, but which could be on the way).

With all these devices I guess there are some interesting things I can do, hoping to benefit from the knowledge of this group!