Automation - Tips on How to Improve HomeKit?

Cupertino, December 30, 2021

For the past few years, I've been building a lot of smart home equipment - first Nest, then HomeKit (I'm bringing Nest equipment for a walk using the wonderful Starling Home Hub). I have a possible ridiculous number of items, including light switches (Lutron Box in every room of the house), Hue bulbs (for lamps and lights that are not covered by the Box switches), smart sockets (various items, usually holiday-themed) ), garage door openers, alarm systems, cameras, motion sensors, locks, doors, etc. etc. - even the fireplace is HomeKit enabled! The vast majority of our family's interactions with all of this equipment are done either through "Hey Siri" on about a dozen HomePods / HomePods Mini in the house, or through the Home app itself. For example, the first person on the ground floor in the morning asks Siri to “turn the lights on the ground floor to 100%. We also have various themes set up for major things. Probably the most useful is "TV Time", which simply sets all the lights on the ground floor at night to lower levels for watching TV. But as I look at the posts on this sub, I see that many people rely much more on automation to run their smart homes, and it makes me wonder if I'm missing out or how I can better add automation to my mix. . I have a handful of basic automations set up, but they primarily control some pretty basic things, including automations that: - Turn on / off the lava lamp in my home office so that it works when I get to the office, but no don't run all day / night - Turn off the shadows in the master bedroom every night before bed - Turn on the outside lights at sunset, then turn off the bed again. arranged houses, which are the best practices and especially how your families deal with them (for example, if I were the only one in the house, I would see myself with motion sensors everywhere and making the lights follow me , but I tried this once in the children's bathroom because they never refused to turn off the lights and I kept screaming at myself because inevitably the lights went out while they were * ahem * available). Educate me, Reddit - how can I get my HomeKit home to the next level with Automation?

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