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Awakening Apple TV as an event trigger?

Awakening Apple TV as an event trigger?

I would like to turn on / off the room lighting on the Apple TV, which wakes up and sleeps. I see that there are shortcut events for the Apple TV Remote that issues wake / sleep commands, but not for the Apple TV itself. Is this even possible through HomeKit or Homebridge? It seems like a really basic thing that users might want to do.

My reasoning is that I like home automation that responds to existing behaviors. When we are about to watch TV, we turn on the home theater system (it is on a switched Belkin power bar), press an action button on the Harmony remote control, which turns on the TV and the surround system and wakes up Apple TV. Ideally, I would also like the ambient lighting in the far part of the room to turn on at this time.

I don’t want to link it to the Apple TV Remote app because I don’t use it constantly. I use any device is convenient. Sometimes it’s Harmony, other times it’s the Apple TV remote, other times it’s the remote app or widget on my phone or iPad. I want the TV to trigger the action, not the remote control.