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Awnings and delays in occupancy

Awnings and delays in occupancy

So I posted something last year trying to figure out how to turn off my lights while someone was in the room. I got a lot of different answers and sat on Hoobs on Rasp Pi Zero W, and someone told me about the delay in occupying the house. However, I took care of it and the project took a back seat. Now, in quarantine, I’ve found time to deal with it.

In essence, there are two rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom, which I want to turn on with a sensor, to continue while people are there, and then to stop when no one is there.

Someone tried to post screenshots for me for setting them up in the home app, but I couldn’t work properly and it was slightly confusing.

So, in essence, let’s just break down in the kitchen and I can probably repeat this for other rooms / time of day, etc.

Until —

I have Philips white bulbs with a bridge, a homepod and an Apple TV as hubs and HOOBS as a bridge.

The 4 light bulbs in the kitchen are in a group. I have an Onvis motion sensor above the door.

Eventually, they can cause the lights to turn on, but not turn off in any significant way as the occupancy is delayed.

If someone has thoughts or screenshots, do I assume this is simple and for some reason make it complicated?