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Best HomeKit-compatible smart plugs | Macworld

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There are a lot of smart home products that work with Apple's HomeKit interface, which makes secure configuration a breeze and lets you control everything from the Home app on your iPhone. But, as many products exist, they are not enough to control every lamp and small appliance you want.

That's where the smart plugs come in. Connect one to the regular wall outlet, then connect the mute device to it: a lamp, a fan, an electric kettle, whatever. If the smart jack supports HomeKit, you can then use the Home or Siri application (not to mention shortcuts) to actually enable or disable that outlet.

To get the most out of a HomeKit-compatible device, you'll want to make sure you have an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad connected to your local home network to act as a home hub. This will allow you to remotely control HomeKit accessories and even configure Automations that control multiple devices simultaneously, depending on time, location, or the actions of other devices.

Our sister site TechHive looks at a lot of smart plugs, but if you're in the Apple ecosystem, you may not be too interested in those that only accept Alexa or Google Assistant; you probably want one that works with HomeKit (in addition to its own features). These are the highest rated smart plus that are compatible with HomeKit.

The best smart plug for most people

IHome SP6 is a compact and affordable smart connector that supports a lot of different smart home ecosystems: HomeKit, IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest, Wink, Alexa and Google Assistant. The short but wide design does not block the jack above or below, and the configuration is quick and easy. The iHome app will show how much power was used by the socket and allow for other controls, though you'll probably want to stick with HomeKit (or some other smart home ecosystem control).

The best smart connector for energy users

The hub in the Lutron starter kit can handle more than just the smart jacks that come with it. It also accepts Lutron wall extension switches and Serena powered window shades. All of these things work with HomeKit, as well as other smart home ecosystems.

The disadvantage is that they are plugs with two prongs that turn an ordinary socket into a dimmer switch and as such should only be used with lamps. If you want to control a fan, heater, or electric kettle, for example, you need a straight plug with three jacks.

Other reviews for HomeKit compatible smart plugs

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