Best HomeKit Light Sensors in 2019

Cupertino, October 17, 2019

HomeKit light sensors

HomeKit light sensors are on the radar of the smart home world, but these clever devices can do some of the most personal automations possible. The light measurement works perfectly with the blinds, the sockets and, of course, the HomeKit bulbs, which allows things to unfold automatically in the background. Plus, it's just cool to ask Siri how bright it is at home, so take a look at our list of the best HomeKit options available.

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The Philips Hue motion sensor is the absolute reference in motion sensors. It is therefore likely that you already have one at home. However, you may not know that this accessory also measures light levels and that its readings are available in HomeKit. This allows this already great sensor to work with automatisms, allowing you to activate things like your blinds when it's a bit too dark.

$ 40 at Amazon

ihome smart home monitor cropped

The iHome 5-in-1 Smart Monitor is a solution of choice, providing motion, sound, temperature, moisture and light sensors in one compact frame. This sensor measures the amount of light flux in its environment and sends this data to the Home application, paving the way for automation. An in-camera display also makes its information available at a glance, which is perfect for times when your iPhone is not available.

$ 30 at Amazon

fibaro motion sensor homekit 02

The Fibaro motion sensor has a unique eyeball design, which is only suitable to the extent that it can detect movements and brightness levels. This sensor can also measure the temperature and even has an accelerometer that warns you if it detects any alteration. If that was not enough, this eye within everyone's reach is also completely wireless, running on a single CR123A battery.

$ 70 at Walmart

terncy awareness switch cropped

As its name indicates, the Terncy Awareness Switch switches to monitor your environment with motion detection, temperature, and lighting levels. This multi-sensor also has a convenient button in its center, making it one of the most performing accessories on the market. In addition to HomeKit support, Awareness Switch also works with Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant, covering all the basics.

$ 36 at Amazon

aqara motion sensor render cropped

Do not be fooled by its looks, the Aqara motion sensor is a small compact accessory, which must be seen in person. Despite its small size, this tiny device also manages to capture light detection capabilities, allowing placement out of sight. Best of all, this sensor is sold with a small price, making it the cheapest option.

$ 20 on Amazon

philips hue dusk to dawn

The Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor combines the already fantastic motion sensor already present with certified weather resistance. This outdoor sensor can withstand heavy rains and extreme temperatures, covering your home all year round. The twilight detection capabilities at dawn allow for real automations at sunset and sunrise, relying on the actual lighting levels outside your home and not from a generalized location.

$ 50 at Amazon

See the light

HomeKit light sensors may not receive much love for home automation, but they have the potential to make a huge impact with their meticulous measurements. We love the Philips Hue motion sensor thanks to some of the best motion response times on the market. The detection of light is the icing on the cake. This essential for the smart home works with HomeKit to create magical moments thanks to automatisms, totally local for your environment.

If you are looking for a light sensor that works outdoors, the Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor is for you. This sensor is the only HomeKit option on the market to be UL certified for weather resistance. You have the opportunity to create custom automations for your home. Whichever option you choose, these sensors will give you the best levels of control thanks to their unique ability to measure the lowest levels of light.

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