Best HomeKit Nightlights in 2019

Cupertino, October 17, 2019

HomeKit night lights

HomeKit nightlights combine room and room lighting clips with modern conveniences. Whether it's controlling the brightness levels of your nightlight via the Home or Siri application, or turning them on automatically with motion, these accessories can do a lot more than their "silly" counterparts. . Discover the best of both worlds with our guide to the best HomeKit options.

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Blackout Buddy Connect serves as nightlight, flashlight, USB charger, motion detector and portable battery in a single plug-in module. In case of power failure, the built-in light automatically animates and guides you to safety. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to keep an eye on your home and warn you of a power failure even when you're on the go.

$ 40 at Amazon

The OneLink Environmental Monitor from Nuk provides a soft night light, as well as temperature and carbon monoxide detection capabilities. The integrated light ring can also be used as a notification light, red or blue, depending on your custom set points. This monitor also sports a rechargeable battery for portability, and functions as a backup in the event of a power failure.

$ 25 on Amazon

As its name suggests, the Arlo Baby is perfect for the nursery with its permanent camera, night light and air quality sensors. The night light supports tons of different colors and light levels, and the playful design of the Arlo Baby is fully customizable through various interchangeable themes, such as a rabbit. Two-way audio and soothing sounds complement the features, making it the ultimate baby monitor.

$ 127 at Amazon

The iDevices wall outlet is the best solution to add a night light around the house without having to compromise on appearance. This smart plug installs directly into your wall, replacing a traditional, which allows it to blend perfectly into your decor. Best of all, this socket has an LED light that works perfectly like a nightlight, complete with a color selection via the Home app.

$ 81 at Amazon

Eve Flare is a beautiful lamp with many gradation and color capabilities, making it a fun option with its unique design. The Flare is portable with a built-in battery and is also weather resistant, which means you can bring your night light on your next camping trip. When used on the go, this lamp lasts up to six hours with a charge and even has a convenient handle allowing it to hang inside a tent .

$ 100 at Amazon

Vocolinc's PM3 smart plug is a bedside companion with a powerful, adjustable LED night light that looks like a path light. The PM3 has a controllable output via Siri or HomeKit, as well as two USB ports, eliminating the need for additional load blocks. This fantastic plug is also one of the cheapest plugs on the market, and it's a boon for all these features.

$ 17 at Amazon

Guiding lights

Nightlights are a staple in most homes as they help light up a bit in a dark room or serve as a guide light for late-night snacking. HomeKit nightlights bring these household helpers to a whole new level of personalization, convenience and control, all via an app or Siri. The Eton Blackout Buddy Connect is one of our favorite night lights because it offers a rare combination of lighting, connectivity and security, allowing you to turn on your zone and power your devices in case of emergency.

Need a night light for the nursery? Then see the baby Arlo. This playful partner checks all the essentials of the baby with an HD camera, a two-way audio system, temperature detection and, of course, a night light. Whichever option you choose, your home will have the subtle light you need, as well as HomeKit connectivity, making darkness disappear with automation or color.

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