Best HomeKit Temperature Sensors in 2019

Cupertino, September 17, 2019

HomeKit temperature sensors

Adding a HomeKit temperature sensor to your home can help you finally answer the age-old question: "Is it hot here?" These sensors report the temperature of a given room, via the Home application or via a Siri. There are quite a few sensors available, so we've put together the best of the best to help you choose the best for your home.

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The Ecobee smart sensors accompany the Ecobee thermostat that helps regulate the temperature in your home's rooms. These sensors also include moisture and motion detection, and each feature works independently with HomeKit. This allows these small wireless sensors to work with all the devices in your HomeKit home, enabling automation such as turning on your lights when motion occurs.

$ 79 at Amazon

eve degree cropped

The Eve degree is a portable powerhouse because it can accompany you inside and out thanks to its index of resistance to water IPX3. This beautiful sensor has a sleek industrial design and an easy-to-read LCD display that can show you the current temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure of your environment. Eve Degree uses a direct Bluetooth connection to HomeKit and can be configured in seconds with a simple analysis of its HomeKit code.

$ 58 at Amazon

philips hue motion sensor

The Philips Hue motion sensor is our indispensable accessory for automatically switching on and off our lights, whether we are coming or going. It also happens to have a temperature sensor. Once your motion sensor is configured with HomeKit, the temperature sensor works like any other, allowing it to work with scenes or automations and can report status via Siri on demand. Zigbee connectivity to the Philips Hue hub makes this sensor robust in terms of reliability. In addition, it is quick to react and update the status of your home.

$ 40 at Amazon

aqara temperature sensor cropped

The Smart Home temperature sensor from Aqara is an affordable option that has surprising benefits. This tiny sensor signals the temperature to the home application, as well as humidity and atmospheric pressure, all in a package that you can place just about anywhere. Even though the sensor itself has a low price, you will need the Aqara Smart Home hub to add it to HomeKit, which can prove to be cost effective if you need a lot of sensors for the home.

$ 19 at Amazon

ihome smart home monitor cropped

The iHome Intelligent 5-in-1 Monitor combines, wait for it, five separate sensors in a small, neat device. The temperature, humidity, motion and light sensors are all available for use with HomeKit, and a sound sensor works with the iHome app and other products. A large LCD screen with built-in backlight gives you information at a glance, and Wi-Fi lets you take full advantage of your smart home.

$ 30 at Amazon

onvis motion detector screenshot

Although the name of Onvis SMS1 includes only the motion sensor, this little guy also has temperature and humidity sensors that work with HomeKit. The SMS1 works with 2 AAA batteries and lasts up to 15,000 hours, making it a game apart. This sensor is also one of the only accessories that use Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, allowing it to achieve shorter response times and greater reach.

$ 26 at Amazon

Smart solutions

HomeKit temperature sensors harness the power of the Apple ecosystem to provide you with more than just telling you the temperature in a room. These sensors can work in tandem with other HomeKit accessories, allowing truly magical automations, such as activating a smart plug with a fan when the temperature gets a bit too hot. If you already have an Ecobee thermostat, Ecobee smart sensors are definitely the answer. These compact sensors are completely wireless and also signal moisture and motion to HomeKit, as well as to Siri.

On the market for a sensor with integrated display and no need for concentrator or thermostat? Take a look at the Eve degree. This beautiful temperature sensor works both indoors and outdoors, and a customizable display shows you the information that interests you the most.

If you already have Philips Hue hardware at home, the Hue motion sensor may be right for you. This sensor works with the Hue Hub and offers the same performance and reliability as the system.

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