Best Smart Light Switches for HomeKit in 2019

Cupertino, September 14, 2019

Smart Switches for HomeKit

Want to brighten your life with a HomeKit switch, but you do not know where to start? You have a choice of options, each with unique designs and features. Built-in HomeKit support means that you'll place orders for Siri or switch your lights through the Home app in no time. Here is our list of the best switches and dimmers currently available.

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Lutron's Caseta Dimmer dimmer is a solid lighting switch utilizing Lutron's Clear Connect technology for wireless communication with the Caseta hub (required), enabling fast and reliable connections. The dimmer has built-in brightness controls and can be adjusted with the Apple Home app or Lutron Caseta app. The Lutron dimmer is also the only light switch available in North America that does not require a neutral wire, which older homes may not have.

$ 80 at Amazon

eve light switch

One of the first HomeKit lighting switches, the Eve Light Switch, presents a sleek, minimalist design that does not scream "smart switch" when it's installed at Wall. The switch is a "button", which is actually a capacitive touchpad in the solid state, and just requires a tap to enable / disable. The Eve Light Switch uses Bluetooth technology for its HomeKit connection, which means you can be up and running in minutes using the iOS Home App without Wi-Fi settings or account requirements .

$ 50 at Amazon

idevices light switch

The iDevices dimming and dimming switches use a toggle switch for control, which protrudes from the wall to make it easier to determine which side turns your home light on and off. IDevices switches couple directly to your HomeKit configuration without the need for an additional hub using its built-in wireless radio. The iDevices switches also include a customizable LED, which can be used as a night light or to "report" on the state of something, for example if a window is open or not.

$ 90 at Amazon

leviton decora smart light switch

Leviton is a name synonymous with switches and outlets, and Decora Smart Line for HomeKit introduces a brand established in the connected home market. The Decora Smart switch series uses a rocker switch for wall controls and is installed using traditional wiring methods. These switches connect directly to your home Wi-Fi and respond almost instantly to commands sent with your devices or your voice via Siri.

$ 45 at Amazon

insignia light switch

Insignia, Best Buy electronics retailer, is a brand both affordable and able to intervene on the smart switch. The Insignia switch uses a giant "paddle" for control and comes with a screwless wallplate for a clean look. Wi-Fi is used for its communications with HomeKit and its pre-connected cabling facilitates installation.

$ 35 at Amazon

koogeek 2gang light switch

Koogek smart Wi-Fi smart switches are available in beige and white color options and use a dual rocker set to control it on the wall. Koogeek's offerings also include a "Two Gangs" option, which is the only HomeKit switch on the market capable of controlling two separate devices with a single switch, typically a combination of light and ceiling fan. Like most HomeKit switches, Koogeek Smart Light switches communicate directly with the Home application, making coupling much easier.

$ 48 on Amazon

ecobee switch%2B

Ecobee has pretty much packed his Switch +. The Ecobee lighting switch includes features such as motion / occupancy detection and a temperature sensor that can integrate with the company's popular range of connected thermostats. The + switch also includes a built-in microphone and includes Alexa's ready-to-use Amazon, which can be disabled for privacy reasons.

$ 80 at Amazon

wemo dimmer switch

Belkin's Wemo range has been a staple in the smart home world for a few years now, and the company's dimming and dimming switches support the HomeKit, when they're associated with a Wemo bridge (sold separately). The Wemo lighting switch has a unique button and the company's light dimmer has a medallion section to guide your finger when adjusting brightness levels. Belkin also claims that its inverter includes a night mode that prevents lights from turning on at the highest levels, which can be configured using the Wemo application or through of automations in HomeKit.

$ 48 on Amazon

sylvania smart light switch

The Sylvania Smart + Wall Mount Switch is an easy-to-install and affordable option for those looking to add a little bit of intelligence to their lighting. Everything is included in the box with the Sylvania switch, including a screwless wallplate and all the necessary hardware for installation. The switch uses a Bluetooth connection for a direct connection to HomeKit, without going through a hub or an Internet connection.

$ 36 at Amazon

incipio commandkit light switch

The popular iPhone case maker, Incipio, offers its own line of CommandKit-compliant products, including a smart wall switch. CommandKit switches feature motion and presence sensors, as well as the ability to support more complex installations, such as 3-way cabling, allowing two switches to control the same fixture. The Incipio switch has two separate buttons for turning lights on and off, and the motion sensor is placed in the middle, which gives it a distinct appearance.

$ 15 on Amazon

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Having a HomeKit switch installed in your home makes it easy to control one or more lights without having to replace your existing bulbs. Siri support is also included with all HomeKit devices, so you can just talk about phrases like "Hey Siri, turn on the lights in the living room"While the virtual assistant takes care of everything. Looking for a light switch compatible with all major smart home platforms?" The Switch Caseta Dimmer Switch from Lutron receives our recommendation.This is also one of the fastest and most reliable answer switches on the market.

Want to get started with HomeKit without needing a hub or playing with Wi-Fi settings? Check out the Eve Light switch, which does the job with style.

Now that you have selected the perfect switch, check out our installation guide for your new switch, which includes the necessary tools and hardware, as well as step-by-step instructions for setting it up.

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