Best way to turn off a switch after a period of time?

Cupertino, October 3, 2023

So I have a camera with "motion sensor" lights, which Homekit manages... pretty well I think - I can set an automation for "when motion sensor detects motion", it turns the light on, and there's an option to "turn off after x minutes". However, what if I want a normal light to turn off after x minutes when turned on manually? For example, I go into the bedroom and turn on the light (homekit). I want it to stop after 10 minutes. There seems to be no "right" way to do this. I can make an automation for "when the light turns on", and "convert to shortcut", and add "wait 600 seconds" before turning the light back on - but I feel like the "wait" command is designed for short periods and may not be reliable with longer wait times. You have to manually increment it by seconds. And if I want to turn off the light after 2 hours? Manually increase the wait command to 7,200 seconds? Does anyone have a better option for this?

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