Black Friday 2021 smart home deals: what to expect and anticipated sales

Cupertino, November 9, 2021

Are you looking for Black Friday deals for smart homes? Early offers have already started and now is the best time to get discounts on the equipment you will need to turn your traditional home into a smart home.

Whether you are looking for a smart speaker, smart lighting, an input lock, a security camera or a thermostat, Black Friday 2021 should reward you with a lot of reduced hardware. In recent years, we have seen major discounts from Amazon and Google, as well as from Kwikset, Lutron, Leviton, Philips Hue and other major players.

However, the best deals tend to run out quickly, so if you like one of the offers below, feel free to get it before it disappears.

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday traditionally comes the day after Thanksgiving, marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season. This year, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 26. But retailers have launched Black Friday deals even weeks earlier in recent years, trying to beat the competition to the max.

Black Friday Buying Tips

Giving a friend or loved one a smart home gift can be as easy as buying one for yourself. Just discreetly ask a few questions to make sure your gift will match what they have. Find out which platform (s) they have adopted: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. What kind of smart lighting products do I use, Philips Hue? Wifi? Smart outdoor lighting can also be an impressive gift. If they have security cameras, buy the same brand so you don't have to use different monitoring apps.

A sure way to save a lot of dough is to buy a smart home device from the previous generation compared to the latest one. Usually, you will not give up much in terms of functions, and the factory support should last long enough to justify the price.

The smart home industry has been hit hard by supply chain constraints related to COVID, and some products, such as smart home hubs, have been almost impossible to find. Fortunately, this situation is finally starting to resolve itself. However, if you find a good deal, you should hit it while the iron is hot.

Who has early Black Friday deals for smart homes?

We expect all the big players - Amazon, Google, Best Buy, Walmart et al. - to have a lot of Black Friday offers, Amazon having the most diverse offers. The other big stores will probably focus on several main categories, while the Google Play Store mostly sells only Nest devices. Follow these links until and on the big day to see what's available:

  • Amazon (early deals for smart homes in each category)
  • Best Buy (offers for the most common categories of smart homes)
  • Costco (offers for certain smart home products)
  • Google / Nest (offers for Nest smart speakers, thermostats, etc.)
  • Target (offers for the most common smart home brands)
  • Walmart (offers common smart devices for the home, but also sensors)

Offers for early Black Friday smart homes

Amazon echo show 5 1st gen Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 5 (1St. gender)

From: Amazon
It was $ 79.99
Now: $ 39.99 ($ ​​40 discount)

See Amazon Echo Show 5 (1st Gen) on Amazon

Why buy the second generation Echo Show at full price, when you can get the still viable first generation model for half that much? This smart display is small enough to fit on any desk on our countertop, but it's large enough to be seen from above. Whether you use it to watch recipes while cooking, to listen to music on one of the many streaming services it supports, or to set it up as the core of your smart home system, Echo Show 5 at this price is a fantastic value.

kit arlo pro 4 Arlo

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera package


From: Best Buy
It was: $ 599.99
Now: $ 399.99 ($ ​​200 discount)

We named Arlo Pro 4 the best home security camera of 2021 and here’s your chance to get not only one of the indoor / outdoor rooms, but also a three-room package that includes a dual battery charging station, three anti-theft brackets and a yard sign that will warn idiots who intend to harm to move away from your property. Only these rooms usually sell for $ 200 each, so this Best Buy offer is a real bargain for the kit.

See the Aro Pro 4 Spotlight at Best Buy

lenovo 2 main smart watch Ben Patterson / IDG

Nest Mini (2when Generation)

Ben Patterson / IDG

From: Best Buy
It was: $ 49.99
Now: $ 24.99 ($ ​​25 discount)

One thing about smart speakers is that you can't have too many of them. Even if you don't listen to music in every room in the house, you'll want to be able to control your smart lighting, ask about the day's schedule, or find out what happy hour starts at your local shelter. The second generation Nest Mini is a great choice for this role, and Best Buy offers them at a discount of 25 USD, which is half the price!

See Google Nest Mini (second generation) at Best Buy

lenovo smart clock 2 with lenovo smart bulb Lenovo

Lenovo Smart Clock 2, plus Color Smart Bulb

From: Walmart
It was: $ 72.98
Now: 39,88 USD (discount 33 USD)

We've seen several deals for Lenovo's second-generation smartwatch, but Walmart combines Lenovo's color smartwatch with the Google Assistant-powered device for extra special savings (the bulb itself usually sells for $ 12.99). The bright screen of the Smart Lock 2 makes it easy to see from the other side of the room - or with horrified eyes when you wake up to the alarm - and its small size makes it a perfect companion for the nightstand (there is no room on board). It's also a great enough speaker to listen to music.

See Lenovo Smart Clock plus Smart Bulb at Walmart

starter kit for white philips hue ambiance Philips Hue (meaning)

Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit

From: Best Buy
It was: $ 189.99
Now: $ 139.99 ($ ​​50 discount)

There is no more important player in smart lighting than the Philips Hue brand from Signify. The main attraction - in addition to the easy configuration with the excellent Hue application - is the unparalleled depth and width of the Hue ecosystem, inside and out. This starter kit includes everything you need as a first-time Hue buyer: three multicolored Hue A19 bulbs; a Hue wireless intensity switch; and Hue Bridge, which you'll need to connect everything to your Wi-Fi network.

Check out the Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 starter kit at Best Buy

kit simplisafe 9 pieces SimpliSafe

9-piece SimpliSafe wireless home security system with camera

From: Amazon
It was: $ 299.99
Now: $ 239.99 ($ ​​60 discount)

Humorous - and ubiquitous - TV commercials with the fictional thief "Robbert Larson" provide a fairly accurate description of how easy it can be to install a SimpliSafe security system. And while we think Ring Alarm is the best product in this category overall, this 9-piece SimpliSafe kit is a great deal. You can get a hub, a keyboard, two motion sensors, four door / window sensors, and an HD security camera at a lower price than the 8-piece Ring set that does not include a camera. As with the Ring Alarm, SimpliSafe offers a professional monitoring option.

See SimpliSafe 9-Piece Wireless Home Security System with Camera

tp link kp125 smart plug TP-Link

TP-Link Case Smart Wi-Fi Mini Smart Plug

From: target
It was: $ 17.99
Now: $ 14.99 ($ ​​3 discount)

Getting into the swing of the smart home is no easier than plugging your lamp or small appliance into a smart outlet. As you can guess from its name, Kasa Smart Wi-Fi from TP-Link (model KP125) connects directly to your Wi-Fi network, so you don't need a hub or anything else to be able to transform what what is connected to it. on and off. It's compatible with Apple's HomeKit ecosystem, which means you can use Siri voice commands with an iPhone or a HomePod smart speaker. Please note that you will need to have at least $ 35 in your Target cart to receive free shipping. (If you don't need HomeKit compatibility, consider the Kasa Smart HS103, which Amazon sells in a pack of 4 for only $ 22.89.)

See the Kasa TP-Link Smart Mini Wi-Fi plug (model KP125) at Target

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