Black Friday: Expand your HomeKit smart home with these offers

Cupertino, November 23, 2021

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If you wanted to start turning your house or apartment into a smart home, here are some great Black Friday deals for devices that support HomeKit to bring more automation into your life.

LIFX lighting

The LIFX Color A19 E26 lighting manufacturer is a great way to start with smart lighting, offering 1,110 lumens of light and over 550 billion possible color steps, along with a huge range of white from 1,500k to 9,000K. It is available for $ 34.99, down from $ 49.99.

Clean A19 E26 offers the usual benefits of smart lighting, including a range of colors and control via Siri, but with the inclusion of a HEV mode that uses high-energy visible LEDs to kill bacteria in the same way as UV light. They are available for $ 41.98 instead of $ 69.99.

45796 89072 lifx

For your TV, you can add the 40-inch Z TV Lightstrip in the back, providing backlighting and helping to protect your eyes. Controllable using Siri and HomeKit, the tape can be placed anywhere else in the house, such as under cabinets or shelves.

Z TV Lightstrip is currently priced at $ 37.99, saving $ 35.

Meross smart bulbs, switches and sockets

The Meross range of smart home devices covers the range of platforms, including support for the HomeKit, as well as a wide range of device types.

If you want to get started with smart light bulbs, Meross Mart Wi-FI E26 multicolored LED light bulb packages could be a great way to add smart lighting to your home, cheaply. A two-pack costs $ 23.49 on Amazon, down from $ 28.99 if you use the coupon on the page, while you could save $ 9 on a pack of four using another coupon on the page, becoming 40 .99 USD on Amazon.

45796 89075 meross plugs

Although you can control those bulbs using Siri, it's nice to have some tactile switches in the room. The two-pack of the Meross Smart Light Switch normally costs $ 40.99, but with the coupon on the page, it's $ 32.99 on Amazon. Note that you need a neutral wire to work with your existing light switch armature.

If you have lamps and other small devices that you want to turn on and off remotely, then you should look at the company's collection of smart outlets. Smart Wi-Fi Dual Plug doubles the number of devices that can be plugged in, and offers HomeKit control over each. Normally, $ 30.99, the two pack is $ 29.45 on Amazon using the coupon on the page.

If you don't need an extension and just want control, the package of two Smart Plug Mini drops from $ 25 to $ 22 on Amazon using the coupon on the page.

Lutron smart switches

If you want to get a bunch of smart switches for your smart home network, it's hard to go wrong than choosing the Lutron Deluxe Smart Dimmer Switch Kit. Able to work with Alexa and Google Assistant, also includes support for HomeKit.

The set contains two dimmers designed to be wall mounted, along with wall tiles to help improve the appearance on the wall. Unlike other switches, Lutron has designed the variators so that they work without the need for neutral wire, so that virtually any home will work.

45796 89074 lutron caseta

Also in the kit is the Lutron hub, for connecting switches to the network. There is also a pair of Pico remotes in the package, allowing you to perform the same commands as the switch, but away from the wall.

The kit costs $ 131.90 on Amazon, but the entire package is valued at over $ 200 if purchased separately.

Lutron also offers the Smart Start Kit in a smaller package consisting of a Pico remote control, an adapter for storing the Pico remote control in a wall as if it were a switch and Lutron Hub. This package costs $ 79.95 on Amazon

Smart lock level lock

While many will consider using smart bulbs and smart socket in their smart home setup, not everyone will think about the security of their home. Using a smart lock, you can lock and unlock a door using your iPhone.

The Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition provides keyless access to a home by tapping a card or their padlock iPhone. You can also unlock the door using the dedicated app or manually with a key. HomeKit support allows you to monitor and control your locks as well.

45796 89073 level lock

The entire configuration is also compact, being kept inside the door and no need for bulky outer boxes on the inside of the door. Normally, $ 329 is currently available for $ 233.18 on Amazon

A more value-conscious option is Level Lock Smart Lock, which provides keyless access via Bluetooth through an app, as well as a key and HomeKit. Normally, $ 249 is priced at $ 186.75 on Amazon

Finally, the Level Bolt Smart Lock offers the same benefits as the Bluetooth-compatible version, but with the addition of it being an invisible upgrade for a door. By replacing an existing screw, the lock can be used with an application to unlock the door, as well as through the HomeKit, also functioning as a standard screw.

Ecobee intelligent thermostats

One of the best ways to use HomeKit is to manage the heating of your home, as you could allow Siri to heat the house or turn off the heating to cool it, without having to get up and go to the thermostat controls. .

Ecobee3 Lite can be controlled using an iOS or Android device, complete with HomeKit support. When used with appropriate sensors, including Ecobee versions and other versions that support HomeKit, the thermostat can automatically make changes, such as automatic start or stop if a window or door is open or depending on the temperature of another room.

45796 89076 ecobee thermostat

According to Ecobee, this could help save up to 26% annually on a home's heating and cooling costs.

Echobee SmartThermostat with voice control takes things further, as it can take orders for Siri and Alexa itself, without having to tell an Echo device or talk to your iPhone or iPad. It also includes a SmartSensor to detect the presence of people in a room, further allowing them to adjust whether they need to turn the heating on or off.

Usually $ 249, the Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control costs $ 199 on Amazon.

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