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Brentford offers the home kit a two-year life cycle to promote sustainability

Brentford offers the home kit a two-year life cycle to promote sustainability

Brentford offers the home kit a two-year life cycle to promote sustainability
  • Premier League clubs are launching new equipment every season
  • Brighton offers kits for two years of operation

Newcomers to the Premier League, Brentford, will extend the life cycle of their current home kit for the 2022/23 season.

The West London club cited sustainability and accessibility as reasons for the decision, which contradicts the trend in the top of English football to launch new equipment for each season.

Since the 2010/11 season, all 20 top clubs have tended to launch new home equipment each season, despite the recommendation that life cycles be extended to two seasons being enshrined in the 2000 Premier League status. .

Some clubs, such as Brighton & Hove Albion, offer their travel equipment a two-year cycle, with the second season’s change band being used as a third alternative in the second year.

Brentford’s technical partner, Umbro, who produces the club’s game equipment and 49 GBP ($ 65.20) replicas, agrees with the move. Hollywoodbets and SafetyCulture, which have been branding sponsorships with the club for several years, have also given their approval.

“Respect, progress and togetherness are our three core values ​​at Brentford FC, as many of our fans know,” said Jon Varney, Brentford’s chief executive.

“We also believe that football is accessible to our fans and we are aware of the need for the game to become more focused on sustainability. As such, when we discussed the idea, everyone in the club was fully behind it.

“Although it is not common practice for Premier League clubs to roll a kit for two seasons, fans have told us they would be in favor of the savings that a two-season shirt would offer.

“This season, our membership in the Premier League means that the revenue we receive from broadcasting and commercial partnerships far exceeds the revenue we can generate from retail, so now is the perfect time to try something different. , without it having a material impact on our income.

He added: “We also believe that this is a step in the right direction to help the environment a little. It may be a good idea to reduce kit cycles where circumstances allow, and we will continue to work with Umbro to ensure that our kit production is as sustainable as possible. It’s just a small thing, but we think it will help.

“I would like to thank Umbro for their support of this idea, as well as Hollywoodbets and SafetyCulture, whose commitment to many years of relationships has made this opportunity possible.”