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Brilliant adds HomeKit, new upcoming Hue bulbs and more on HomeKit Insider

Brilliant adds HomeKit, new upcoming Hue bulbs and more on HomeKit Insider

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On this week’s HomeKit Insider podcast, your hosts discuss Brilliant’s new HomeKit launch, the upcoming launch of the new Philips Hue bulbs, and some DIY home automation projects.

The end of the week’s news was a leak that prematurely revealed several new Hue bulbs to be launched later in 2021. We saw new E14 bulbs, brighter standard bulbs and temperature-changing versions of filament bulbs. Nothing is official yet – but the trusted breaker says we should see them between August and September.

Brilliant also made the news, by including HomeKit on Smart Plug and Smart Dimmer Switch. Both were originally announced with a promise of HomeKit support – and are now available through a free firmware update.

Andrew took a moment in the episode to show the KEF LS50 II speakers. These newly launched speakers add native Apple Music streaming as well as AirPlay 2.

From the public

This week, Max asked us if it’s possible to schedule recording at night for his Eufy 2C camera in the Eufy app and while relying on HomeKit to record when he’s away. None of our hosts currently have Eufy cameras installed, so we were unable to test – but it sounded possible based on our working knowledge. However, it splits the recordings, which can make your videos confusing.

I also heard some follow-up from Aqara, who wanted to reassure listeners who were looking for clarification that its new line of wall switches will be available not only in the EU but also in the UK.

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