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Call security cameras by adding end-to-end encryption

Call security cameras by adding end-to-end encryption

Ring doorbell

One year after the Electronic Frontier Foundation asked Amazon to allow end-to-end encryption on the Ring video ringtone, Amazon began launching this feature. End-to-end encryption ensures that Amazon employees can’t see what’s been recorded from your ringtone, and more importantly, you should ensure that Amazon can’t hand over these records to law enforcement without you receiving them. mandate. However, to take advantage of end-to-end encryption, you must enable it manually.

Ring has been the focus of several privacy controversies, such as the failure to encrypt Wi-Fi passwords (see “Amazon ringtones sent Wi-Fi passwords in clear,” November 21, 2019) and the recruitment of police departments to do marketing. (“Amazon using Police Departments will sell call cameras,” July 29, 2019). We’d like to see Ring do the default end-to-end encryption to prove it’s not just throwing a bone at privacy advocates, while still taking advantage of those who aren’t aware of the implications or are intimidated by the setup steps. . (For more information about encrypting personal videos, see “Apple HomeKit Secure Video Leverages iCloud Storage and Preserves Privacy,” October 30, 2020).

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