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Cameras and AppleTv

Cameras and AppleTv

I just bought an Apple TV and wow, what a waste, even with 1 year free ATV +.

Question, are there any others asking Siri to bring cameras into PiP? I personally don’t support Siri … I was just asking “Siri show room room”. First attempt “Siri turns on the lights in the games room”. The second attempt, Siri is looking for “Gamer”.

So I realize it would be nice to ask Siri to show the cameras on the watch. The only time I use Siri is for text dictation. But no, that doesn’t work.

Are there any automations / shortcuts for activating the PiP camera on the ATV?

I’m missing something with the Apple TV / HomeKit experience.

And not even to start the remote control (I’ve already ordered another brand).