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Can home automation increase the value of the home?

Can home automation increase the value of the home?

Smart home systems are now being considered in valuations for home sales. The availability of devices such as smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors and smart security systems has not only been shown to increase the value of a home, but can also help sell the home faster.

The questions start with what choices you should make while building your automatic home. Can the possibility of having only devices that are compatible with HomeKit only affect the value as a potential buyer could be the user Alex or Android?

HomeKit is great and that’s why we’re all here, but it’s best when you select devices to choose devices that offer cross-platform functionality, so when it comes time to sell, you get the most value out of your effort. .?

Have you had experiences selling a smart home on the market? What was the result of the sale and did it take into account the features of Smart Home?