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Can HomeKit Automation Do This?

Hi all. I’m thinking of replacing my Nest cameras with HomeKit compatible cameras. I have MANY issues with Nest cameras and a big issue that Google / Nest refuses to address is their home / departure and scheduling conflict.

The problem is that if you want to use both scheduling for when your cameras would turn on / off, but you also want the home / away setting to be turned on, they conflict. You can’t have both right now and like any other Nest issue, Google isn’t interested in fixing it.

If, like me, you have nest rooms inside. You may not want them to be turned on and recorded while you are at home. However, you would want to be as you are outside. This is impossible with Nest.

Is it a simultaneous home / scheduled automation and programming operation that HomeKit can do? If so, this would be a major benefit over the next offer.