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Can I use HomeKit to set the thermostat to eco if a sliding door has been open for 2 minutes?

Hi all,

New to homekit and I have a question. I try to connect a Ring device to my Nest thermostat using Homebridge, so when the sliding door has been open for 2 minutes, it sets the thermostat to Eco, practically turning off the heat or AC. I used to work in Smartthings with a nest account, but I had to switch to a google account and it stopped.

I realize I’m trying to connect different platforms, so I thought I’d ask. The door (ring) and Nest thermostat appear in the home application, so at least I have the correct operation, but I am a little lost in terms of how to add the delay to automation. and also how to adjust it on the thermostat after the door has been closed for a minute or so. Thanks for any guidance or advice – Chris