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Cannot add new HomeKit devices

Cannot add new HomeKit devices

Hi all,

** If you don’t feel like reading all this, then just skip to the last paragraph **

As the title suggests, I’m looking for help with my HomeKit devices. To be clear, although I’m not new to Apple’s HomeKit platform. In fact, I use every platform (Alexa, Google and Siri), so I’m pretty well rounded

Anyway, to explain my problem, let me tell you how I first came to my conclusion. So I lived alone in an apartment and used a basic spectrum internet package for WiFi. All my HomeKit devices worked very well, I could easily add and remove things easily.

Then I moved in with friends and still use the spectrum, but it’s the fastest internet package they have, but that said I can’t add any new HomeKit devices. The old ones work very well, but I can’t add the new ones. At first I thought it was just a working device, but I just bought a new HomeKit TV today and also can’t add it to my other devices. And to continue this, I owned a Google house, but I got rid of it, as soon as I entered the updated WiFi, I could no longer control it in the application. I could talk to Google at home, but suppose I wanted to change the volume manually in the app, then I can’t do that anymore.

In short, I’m sure my spectrum router is blocking these devices from communicating as they should, but the problem is that I don’t know what settings on the router should be active or not. I can connect to the internet to view router settings, I just need help knowing what can affect my devices so they can start being detected and communicating again.