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Cannot update scenes or save new ones

Cannot update scenes or save new ones

Dear I’m puzzled by this new problem. I can’t save any changes to any scenes, nor can I save new ones.

It all started because a smart Lutron Cassette dimmer disappeared from the Lutron and HomeKit application after a power outage. I finally managed to add it back and now that it’s back in both the app and the HomeKit. I can control it without problems in HomeKit. I gave him the same name he had before.

But when I tried to add back an existing scene, I got the error message that could not edit the scene.

When I try to make a new scene, he also refuses to save this time, complaining that he cannot add the scene because there is already an item with a similar name. It’s not necessary. Even the most abstract crazy name used so far does not fail.

This immediately after I finally managed to get home automation to start working again (discussed in a post 2 days ago)

Any suggestions?

Thanks if yes!