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Ceiling fan upgrade options

Ceiling fan upgrade options

Hi all,

We have several lights and shade switches around the house, a circular Logi camera, an Eve Room sensor, Apple TV and other non-HomeKit smart home accessories.

We want to install a ceiling fan in our baby’s room and we would love if we could automate through HomeKit and using Eve Room data (temperature and air quality).

Hunter HomeKit ceiling fans are far from our budget. So, we will have to modernize a mute ceiling light and light for these purposes (I have not yet bought it). Keep in mind that we live in a rented apartment, so any complicated electrical installation is out of the question. Also, the fan will be installed in a wire controlled only by a light switch, not “fan specific”. We also live in the EU (Spain) for what it deserves.

I have zero experience with ceiling fans, so it is outside my area of ​​expertise. What are our best options? Is it really possible?

Other options, other than HomeKit, that we didn’t think of? I have Echo Spot in the kitchen, but I’m not a fan of home automation through Alexa.

Please help me!