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Change the brightness with a shortcut

Change the brightness with a shortcut

I would like to change the brightness of a light bulb when I press a button

I don’t want to set it to a certain brightness. I want to get the current brightness and add 5% and set it as the new brigade.

So if the brightness is set to 25%, it will be set to 30%. If it is 50%, it will be 55%

I can get the brightness status of the bulb and I can add 5 using calculation

Get status -> Bulb brightness

Calculate -> add 5 -> New variable

But how do I determine the brightness from this number?

If I control the bulb, I can’t add the variable I calculated just as the brightness input. I can only set it directly. Is there any way to do this directly in the Home app or do I need a third party app to do this?