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Cheapest Homekit / Homebridge Blinds

Cheapest Homekit / Homebridge Blinds

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I’m working on my home theater office automation. The day is my job, but the night is our main television area with a projector, so light control is key. It is in the basement and we have a small basement window at the height of the ceiling / exterior of the floor. It is not a problem in winter, but in summer the light is dazzling. I used to have only one blind man standing on it, but due to the fact that I have children, my old desk is now a playroom and I moved my desk to the side of the theater. Now I like to have natural light during the day, but I want it to be easy to turn off if we watch TV with our projector.


Which is the cheapest homekit / homebridge compatible blind I can get. It should be about 30 “wide and only 12-15” down. The Ikea ones at over 130 USD are even bigger than I would like to spend.