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Configuration question

Configuration question

So my daughter has had an Apple ID, an iCloud account and an iPad for some time. He is only 8 years old, so I never created 2FA. Well, I got him an Apple Watch with a cell phone (so we could track them and know where he was) and he forced almost 2FA.

My question is in the Home app on the iPad. I remember for a while that I was trying to set this up on her iPad, but it wouldn’t go beyond the 2FA setup (so I never bothered to set it up). I thought, because her account has 2FA now, I would give it another chance. When I open the app on her iPad, “Upload props and scenes” is displayed, but does nothing else.

I waited a while and finally a pop-up window appears below, which basically wants to do everything and start over. If I do that, this will lead to the entire Home app on all our devices, right? I really don’t want to prepare everything from scratch, but I wanted to make sure I understood this correctly …

Can anyone get past this screen?