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Configuring Meross devices

Configuring Meross devices

I pull my hair out trying to mount the double outlet outdoors.

The Meross app tells me to connect to the WiFi device, so I go to Settings> WiFi and select it. It asks me if I want to configure it in Home, but I want to do it in Meross, so I select Cancel and it disconnects. If I select Setup and add to Home, it takes me to the Home app where I select the device, scan the code, and wait just an age for it to tell me that there is an error and it can’t be added. Sometimes it will tell me that the WiFi device is not connected to the internet and it asks me if I want to switch to mobile data or try to contain WiFi. No matter what I select, it fails after a few minutes of trying to add.
If I manage to connect to the WiFi device in Settings and open the Meross app, it tells me that I’m not connected to the Meross WiFi device.

I have two smart outlets from them, which were also a pain to set up, but not nearly the same pain as this one. I’ve been trying for over an hour now.

Any idea?