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Connecting existing lighting to the motion sensor

Connecting existing lighting to the motion sensor

* First of all: I wanted to post this in the purchase megathread, unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere on the page? WAYS: Feel free to move this to that megathread, if necessary. *

** Problem / Objective: Connect the built-in LED lights on my kitchen ceiling to a motion sensor that will turn on the kitchen lights as I enter my kitchen. **

** Current configuration: ** My kitchen has 6 recessed LED lights, connected to two switches at each end of the kitchen. Currently, we have installed a 3-way dimmer switch Lutron Box, which is located on the wall that separates the kitchen and living room (the switch is located outside the kitchen, so you can turn it on before entering the kitchen).

I have a Philips Hue bridge for lighting my living room, as well as a Lutron bridge for the Cassette switch to turn on the kitchen lights. I bought a Philips Hue motion sensor with the hopes that I could mount it in the kitchen. I want to be able to go into my kitchen and turn on the built-in lights and stay on for 10 minutes or until the movement stops.

I assume the Philips motion sensor won’t work with the Cassette dimmer switch I’ve already installed, right? If not, what is my best / most cost-effective route?

* FWIW: I don’t want to have dimming capabilities in the kitchen, nor do I want to replace the current recessed lights with Philips Hue lighting. *