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Consider making the leap from Google Home to Homekit

Consider making the leap from Google Home to Homekit

I dug deeper and deeper into the garden with apple walls and I have to say, it’s pretty damn beautiful!

That being said, I have a smart home based largely on Google Home – Google Home Mini cameras, Nest cameras (Gen1), Thermostat Nest (Gen1), Nest Protect (Gen1), Sesame Lock (Gen1). From what I’ve seen, I could integrate all Google / Nest products through something like Homebridge, but that feels a little hacky if all Homekit-enabled devices seem to work so nicely with the iOS / iPadOS Home app.

My last quarantine project is to update my lighting throughout the house (via Phillips HUE) and I would ideally like to start building my Homekit product range (mesh network, more upgrade rooms, new door lock), because I prefer Apple’s general approach to automation and home security.

So should Homebridge what I currently have? Should I sell what I have and get all Homekit products activated?

Thank you so much in advance for any help or resources!