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Costco just put these 10 holiday items up for sale – Eat this, not this

Costco just put these 10 holiday items up for sale – Eat this, not this

It’s the end of November, which means it’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Early preparation may be more important this year, as high prices, a shortage of pantry commodities and shipping delays continue to affect supermarkets across the country.

Fortunately, Costco does its part to keep things happy and bright! There are already a lot of holiday items available in stores-and some are even for sale. Here’s what you can save right now until November 14th.

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Costco Snack Factory Pretzel chips with white chocolate and mint
By Burpy’s kindness

Snack Factory pretzel chips are a favorite in the pantry, and this frozen white version is loaded with mint. Right now, at Costco, you can get $ 2 out of these 20-ounce bags. However, you want to do it like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, because this discount only lasts two weeks.

Sanders dark chocolate sea salt candies
Courtesy of Costco

It is better to give than to receive, especially when it comes to chocolate. These jars of dark chocolate and milk caramels are definitely a great gift – and weigh over 2 pounds! They have a $ 3 discount on deposit (or $ 6 on a two-pack online).

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Costco Edward Marc Coconut almonds with dark chocolate
Courtesy of Costco

For members who are not yet rushing through the snow for holiday flavors like mint, Costco has put these coconut almonds on sale. £ 2 bags are $ 4 off in stores only.

Costco Epicurean Specialty Truffle Parmesan Spice for black garlic
Courtesy of Cornershop

Costco sells 9-ounce jars of truffle spices, parmesan, black garlic, and members say they go well with all kinds of holiday food. You can add spices to steaks, baked potatoes, poppy seeds and cheese, fried vegetables and more. Benefit from a $ 2.80 discount on the deposit until November 14th.

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Costco Gourmet Fresh Crispy Onions
Courtesy of Costco

If you want a Thanksgiving turkey, grocery stores recommend taking one earlier or you run the risk of being left with the alternatives offered amid a possible shortage.

However, the fixings also give Turkey Day its delicious reputation. Fortunately, you can give every bite of casserole or green bean salad a cheap drop this year. These 24-ounce bags are on sale online and in stock for a $ 2 discount.

Costco corn and green beans
Courtesy of Costco

Speaking of casseroles, loose packets of corn and green beans are also on sale early. Twelve boxes cost less than $ 10 in stock and online right now, and what you don’t use in November or December will last until the new year.

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Lasagna Costco
Courtesy of Costco

This favorite freezer is an easy option to feed a lot on nights when you don’t feel like cooking from scratch. These 6 kilogram lasagna are also on sale right nowtmake a $ 4 discount online and in stores now until November 14th.

Costco batteries
Courtesy of Costco

By selling packs of nearly 50 batteries for $ 9.99, Costco makes sure no decorations light up this year. This offer is available in stores and online, but only five packages can be purchased at a time.

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Costco Philips Hue Bluetooth and Zigbee Light Strip package
Courtesy of Costco

These lights work with Alexa, Google Assistant and Homekit. They can be lit with any shade of green and red you want. In fact, these are just two of the 16 million color options. The online-only package comes with a 6-foot baseband and a 3-foot extension band for $ 69.99, which is a $ 15 discount.

Costco Roland digital piano with 88 keys
Courtesy of Costco

Costco members know and love the store for its range of bakery products, frozen foods and snacks. Add an eclectic mix of home products, such as this digital keyboard, and you’ll have a unique holiday store.

If you want to have a piano connected and tuned in time to play Christmas carols, now is the right time to buy one. Get a $ 100 discount on deposit and online until November 14th.

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