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Could someone explain how the scenes should be programmed

Could someone explain how the scenes should be programmed

I gathered quite a few lights and sockets for the homekit, mainly based on IKEA Tradfri.

Could someone explain as if I’m 5 years old how I should use scenes?

I prepared scenes like cooking, eating, watching TV, late at night.

So I set some automations so that, for example, the kitchen is lit ready to cook at 18:00, then at 7 the kitchen light dims for dining. Then, at 21:00, things fade to late at night.

But they don’t seem to work properly. what am i doing wrong

For example – to have the cooking on at 18:00, the meal at 19:00, then late at night, the dim light at 21:00. Do I have to schedule cooking to come at 6pm and leave at 7. Then the meal will come at 7 and leave at 9, when does the night start late?

Is there any way to make the scenes go smoothly between them?

Or am I thinking wrong about all this? – are the scenes meant to be settings of the whole house? Was I wrong when I moved into each room, if it was larger?

I know this is stingy – but basically I don’t get anything here! Appreciated help! ☺️