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Creating custom Homekit accessories

Creating custom Homekit accessories


> I would like to create ** custom accessories and projects ** that work directly with Homekit using the method that Apple wants us to use. This is to easily switch to * MFi Program * if I intend to sell a product in the end.

I searched all over the web to try to understand this ** open-source ADK ** that Apple offers and use it to create one of my project ideas that doesn’t really work so far: /

Right now I have a ** Raspberry Pi 4B ** that I tried * Homebridge *, but I don’t seem to live up to my expectations of easily doing custom projects with it; but the security required with a ** Raspberry Pi ** and SSH configuration drives me crazy.

There are many great libraries that include features for my ideas, although they are great for one-time projects, I don’t seem to find a reliable way to combine them into one product.

I used an ** Arduino Uno ** in the past to create an ambitious project that worked perfectly.

I also found that it is possible to use an ** ESP8266 ** to create your Arduino project and connected to a Raspberry that eventually communicates with Homekit, but from my point of view Arduino is not very professional if you intend to distributed.

& # x200B;

Can anyone give me some sources that can get me started?

I am ready to learn everything about everything that is needed for this.

& # x200B;

Thank you in advance.