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Data storage / retrieval in home automation applications

Data storage / retrieval in home automation applications

Someone managed to store and retrieve in the Home application automation element. I can do it in a shortcut using Get File from iCloud, however I don’t have this option when I’m in edit mode for automation shortcuts.

Just to describe what I’m trying to achieve, it’s all about adjusting a socket heater:

1. A heater is connected to a HomeKit outlet.
2. A shortcut on a HomePod Mini asks what temperature is needed and then stores the value. (Done, but in iCloud)
3. When motion is detected on a hue sensor, it runs a home automation that is converted to shortcut and aims to read the current temperature, check the stored value from step two and turn the heater on / off as needed.

Any advice on how to store and retrieve values ​​in the home automation shortcut would be greatly appreciated, the usual “Get the file” options are not available here.