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Did Homekit make your life better?

Did Homekit make your life better?

Am I alone in seriously considering giving up HK and returning to an unintelligent home? I don’t know that the benefits outweigh the costs. After upgrading to iOS 14, I have a lot of problems, including two Leviton switches that don’t even work manually. Also, I can no longer access or manage our router from my phone application. Most of our accessories are not connected to HK and this is among other long-term issues.

For example, we have about $ 1 billion in Lifx lights that we only use as regular light bulbs because they are so unsafe. I used to reset them and add them back to HK, but they only work for a short time and I gave up.

Another example is one of our First Alert security devices and the sounds stopped connecting to HK some time ago, except for the night light, so when the alarm goes off, I don’t even get a push notification. I spent hours on that too and gave up. Even when they were both working, if I asked Siri to turn the night light into blue, instead, it would turn red. I practically forgot I’m there now and it would work just as well with a cheap smoke detector.

I had planned to add HK security cameras and many other HK devices, but now I wonder if our HK smart home stuff is a headache now, why would I want to add more? I spend too much of my life figuring out why a light is not on and I am frustrated and disappointed. In recent days I have felt that I would be a better parent and husband if I did not spend time and effort or I would not be irritated to constantly troubleshoot these devices. The other day we felt that they degraded our quality of life more than they contributed to it.

Has anyone else ever felt this way? What did you consider or what did you do because I miss you? Any advice?