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Discounts on sale Nanoleaf Lighting Shapes Kits from 60 USD

Discounts on sale Nanoleaf Lighting Shapes Kits from 60 USD

Discounts on sale Nanoleaf Lighting Shapes Kits from 60 USD

The debut of the new Nanoleaf Lines took place last week, and now a series of discounts have been launched on the brand’s range of Shapes HomeKit lighting sets. Shipping prices vary by order, and Best Buy matches almost all price reductions. Everywhere, there are a number of all-time lows to associate with the best prices we’ve seen at many of the launches. While you will find various geometric shape factors, patterns and packages, in addition to the sale, all Nanoleaf Shapes lights have modular connectors for building a unique piece of wall art with ambient lighting. Go below for all our top choices.

A highlight of today’s Nanoleaf sale is the new Elements Wood Look Smarter kit from $ 249.99 at Nanoleaf and Best Buy. Falling from $ 300, today’s offer rises to the second notable discount since its launch earlier this year at $ 50 discount to match the all-time low.

Packed with all the same modular and multicolored capabilities for which the brand was known, Nanoleaf Elements offers a cool wood design that tries to blend more with the decor of the house. Hexagon panels can be reconfigured in a variety of ways and offer HomeKit control on top of Alexa and Assistant support. Nanoleaf has also just launched Thread border router support for its Shapes range, about which you can find out everything right here, as well as in the coverage of our ads.

Other news of the sale of Nanoleaf Forms:

Although, if you’re in the market for the latest and greatest from Nanoleaf, its new Lines are worth a look. I checked them in the last weeks before the launch and I must say that I am impressed by the new form factor. It offers a unique way to add a multicolored accent light to a space with a modular design, about which you can find out everything in our direct review here.

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Smarter kit features:

Nanoleaf Elements combines intelligent technology and personalized lighting for a natural harmony of both worlds. Customizable modular panels finished with wood veneer add an elegant and organic feel to your home. Beautiful both inside and out, textured panels create geometric wall art that illuminates with a dynamic glow to slowly fill the space. Warm to cold lighting options create soothing scenes inspired by nature, such as a crackling fireplace and easily moving clouds, setting the mood for relaxation before bed or to become comfortable in your favorite reading corner. Choose from a list of clean scenes or paint your own stunning light murals with the intuitive Nanoleaf app. Easy installation of the adhesive, no cables or holes required.

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