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DIY alarm with HomeKit and Aqara Hub

DIY alarm with HomeKit and Aqara Hub

Hi all,

I am researching the possibility of configuring a DIY alarm system that uses the Aqara hub and sensors (door, movement, vibration) and is controlled via HomeKit.

The main idea is that alarm automations (for example, if the door opens then the alarm sounds) are managed via HomeKit, but when the alarm is triggered, then a traditional (not smart) alarm module is activated via an Aqara plug or relay – which sounds a pair of sirens (indoor / outdoor) and calls the security operator.

Do you think this could work? Will HomeKit automation running on Aqara hardware be robust and reliable enough for a real security system?

I want your opinion to decide whether or not this can be a feasible project.

Thank you very much in advance.