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DIY Siri Homekit Intercom Awesome

DIY Siri Homekit Intercom Awesome

Yesterday I bought my first Ikea Symfonisk speaker (produced by Sonos). I’ve never had Sonos speakers before. Symfonisk is capable of AirPlay2 and thus integrates seamlessly into Homekit.

I knew you could do great things with Sonos and I started looking and playing.

By the end of the day (well, 1 this morning) I had the following ability:

1. Say “Siri Intercom”
2. Siri asks “What text?”
3. Dictate the text
4. Less than 2 seconds later, the text is played back on the Symfonisk speaker (or any other Sonos speaker you have)

To do this, you need

1. Sonos Boxing
2. Raspberry Pi (mine runs Homebridge, but Home Bridge itself is not required)
3. Sonos-http-api installed on raspberry pi (the difficult part) and some dependencies
4. Configuring Sonos http api as a node server that restarts when restarting pi (I used pm2 to manage the process)

After installing Sonos http api, you can call a URL from a shortcut with the text you want to speak.

The Sonos http API sends it to Google, Google does the TextToSpeech (TTS), then the mp3 file is sent to the Sonos speaker and played back.


& # x200B;

I’m still working on some configuration things on pm2 and sonos-http-api, but it looks very promising that I will stabilize it and it will work reliably