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Does it sound sonorous to us?

Does it sound sonorous to us?

We added 4 outdoor security cameras and a video bell to our house. I want to stick to HK and use HKSV, so I’m thinking of getting 4 Eufycam 2 cameras, but debating which video ringtone to get.

Unless I’m missing something, Robin Proline is the only HKSV ringtone available, and the price and style don’t appeal to us.

I’ve learned not to wait for the rumored integration of HK or HKSV, so it seems that all HK ringtones are equal in terms of the potential addition of HKSV?

So in the absence of a future HKSV bell, which would take into account our decision, I look at the best HK option.

Eufy has a video sound, but (please correct me if I’m wrong) it has neither HK, nor HKV?

If this is true, then I can’t believe, after literally years of switching the ringtone and waiting for something better, I might get a ring for this feature: the ability to view the ringtone video on smart switches bright.

From what I see, Ring has the only partnership with Brilliant plus (again, please correct me if I’m wrong), will it work just like any other HK smart ringer with video display on Apple TV, HomePod ads, etc.?

If you were me and you wanted to add 4 HKSV cameras and a video ringtone, what would you do? Am I missing any consideration?